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About us

The company Transylvania Invest S.R.L., having 100% Romanian private capital, was founded in 2006, starting its activity in agriculture, by counseling and supporting the investments in agricultural land and farms.

Over the time we became a stable and reliable partner for the farmers from 4 counties in the western part of Romania.

The reliability and professionalism are the defining characteristics of our company, which have created all this time some stable and successful partnerships, both nationally and internationally.

Today, we are one of the best traders of the Western area, this fact being proven by the durable collaborations we have with our farmers and clients, to whom we provide high quality services.

Since it was founded, our company has increased the volume of traded products reaching 100.000.00 tones in 2015, the most common cereals and oilseeds beeing: wheat, barley, feed barley, corn/maize, rapeseed, sunflower and soya-bean.
All our traded goods are certified from the quality point of view, our company having ISSC accreditations, each separately shipment being under the strict supervision of an authorized control body.

Through a continuous observation of the market, we can quickly respond to changes and at the same time we can offer the best solutions, both for domestic consumers, as well as for mills and processors from Romania, also for our external partners.

In the year 2015 it was established the company Transylvania Feed S.R.L., having the main field of activity the trade of fodder flours (fodder maize flour and wheat bran), Snacks type flour, DDGS, soy-bean fodder meals, sunflower fodder meals and rape-seed fodder meals.

We have developed this branch just based on sustainable partnerships that we have with great national and international manufacturers/processors, thus being able to activate in the compound fodder / feeding-stuffs industry, through the trading of feeding-stuffs for animals but also in the food industry, by providing raw materials.

Worldwide trading